Friday, February 5, 2010

Welcome to Bella Curl

UPDATED 3/3/2010 (see below)

Bella Curl is a protein-free, glycerin-free, sulfate-free line of hair care products especially formulated for the needs of curly hair. Bella Curl is over 99% natural and uses only high quality natural or naturally derived ingredients. The products were designed to help dry, frizzy curls become bella curls. Each formula was carefully researched and formulated (without the use of pre-made bases) to provide moisture, shine, and manageability to difficult to handle dehydrated hair. The products do not contain the harsh and drying ingredients like alcohols or silicones that are in most commercial hair products. They are preserved with a paraben-free and non-formaldehyde releasing preservative, and only contain phthalate-free fragrances. Bella Curl products are bio-degradable, eco-friendly and 100% vegan.

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**Unscented products are available upon request.

Hydrating Cleansing Crème
A creamy non-foaming cleanser that will gently clean your hair and provide the moisture it needs.

Moisture Rich Conditioner
A creamy formula that will impart moisture, shine, and manageability to parched hair.

Leave-in Elixir
Gold in a bottle. A silky formula that will provide moisture, shine, and bounce to your hair.

Moisture Rich Therapy- Now Available
A luxurious, super rich and moisturizing conditioner for when your hair needs a little pampering.

Bella Curl Gellie - Coming Mid March
A protein free, moisturizing, light hold gel that offers great shine, softness, and enhances the curls without drying them out or weighing them down. The Gellie contains the moisturizing benefits of rose hydrosol, chamomile hydrosol, aloe vera and shea butter, as well as other great conditioning agents found in nature. The curl enhancer is Magnesium Oil from the ancient Zechstein Sea in the Netherlands which is the world’s purest source of magnesium. It is not actually oil but a water based solution that is not drying unlike Magnesium Sulfate and other salts. The scent of the Gellie is natural and light, coming from the hydrosols. It will dissipate after application and will not interfere or compete with your favorite perfume.

Bella Curl Styling Crème - Coming Soon
A creamy, moisturizing styling gel that is heavier than the Gellie and contains a higher concentration of nature's most moisturizing ingredients. It is perfect for dry, damaged hair that needs moisture, curl enhancement and hold.

Hair Gloss - Coming Soon
This serum will give your hair shine and help prevent unwanted frizz.

Hair Tea- Coming Soon
Revitalizing spray that will perk up your curls with a refreshing shot of moisture.

We value your comments and use the infomation to improve our products; so please leave your honest evaluation of the products and their performance. Also indicate your hair texture, porosity, and curl type.

Wishing you "Bella Curl Days". Thanks!

What's Being Said About Bella Curl

~from "The Wavy Tales" blogspot:

"The Bellacurl Leave In Elixir is amazing. It has wonderful slip and goes on perfectly providing a superb moisture boost for times you want to use a leave in.

This [Moisture Rich Conditioner] is an excellent conditioner and really packs a moisture wallop--any of you curlies who hair is sensitive to protein will want to try BellaCurl products. If you're like me and your hair love protein don't think this condish isn't for you--it's a wonderful conditioner that is great for your hair and that will create shine and leave your hair feeling so soft but never coated."


  1. Bella Curl products are wonderful. I have used the cleansing creme, conditioner and hair elixir. In fact, I use them all the time. The cleansing creme cleans my hair, leaving it feeling moisturized, soft and silky. And, I love the little bit of tingle I get from the mint (I think mint) in the product--I love it! The conditioner adds additional moisture. When I am done washing my hair, I am able to run my fingers through my hair with ease. My hair is probably a 3B curl. After washing my hair, I use the elixir and it makes leave my curls nicely formed without frizz, bouncy and moisturized. My hair feels soft to the touch, not the stiff-feeling that I get when using other "curl" products. The curls last also. I If I need to revive the curls, I will wet my hair and apply some more elixir and the curls come back. I normally wash my hair every 2 days, but sometimes have gone longer since using Bella Curl and do not get that "itchy" feeling. This is an amazing product that all with curly hair should try!

  2. Both my daughter and I used the conditioner and leave in elixir. It gave us incredibly shiny curls that were really nicely rounded. It's very moisturizing as well--giving just the right amount of conditioning without weighing down the hair.

    Although my hair doesn't frizz my daughter's does--something terrible! The condish and leave in cut the frizz to nothing--even after a night of sleeping on her hair. Excellent!

  3. I've tried the conditioner and elixir and they pack a ton of moisture! I especially like the elixir. The smoothing effect and frizz control was great! The products are very concentrated and smell wonderful. I'm looking forward to trying the stylers. Very nice products.

  4. This is a miracle product - My daughter’s curly hair has been a challenge for me to take care of. I have spent countless dollars at beauty supply stores and followed advice from all sorts of people on how to maintain her curls without them eventually tangling up into big snarls. In the one week that we have been using Bella Curl it has changed our life. No more chasing my 2 year old with a comb, or trying to hide the tangles in a bun. The shampoo is so nourishing and the conditioner so great that many of the knots just slip out of her hair before she is even out of the tub. Her hair has transformed from dry and brittle to soft and strong. I use the Elixer just before bedtime and pull her hair back in pony tails and when she awakes her curls are still there – no dreads or tangles. Honestly – I wish I had curly hair so I could use this stuff.